Gum Treatment

Home Remedies to cure Gum Abscess

February, Wednesday 20th, 2019
Gum Abscess

A gum abscess starts in a gum pocket outside the tooth next to the root. Be advised though that treatment for gum abscess is different from tooth abscess as they both are different. The abscess is a gathering of pus that is comprised of dead white platelets, tissue debris and bacteria. Also called a periodontal … Continue reading Home Remedies to cure Gum Abscess

All you need to know about Teeth Scaling

February, Wednesday 13th, 2019
Deep Teeth Cleaning

For people suffering from gum disease, scaling is a common procedure undertaken by many that helps in removing the excess plaque from your mouth. What differentiates it from a teeth whitening procedure is that it is a lot more comprehensive in removing plaque and tartar.

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